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  The Ten Commandments of Networking

Paul's Ten No_No's for Networking Success


1. Don't make a list of friends and family. Stop chasing people who don't want a home based business.

2. Don't buy leads. Stop chasing people who don't know what they want.

3. Don't talk to people who are not "open". Just find the "open" people.

4. Don't try to recruit by EMail. It builds dis-trust, and you are in the trust-building

5. Don't overcome objections. If you are getting objections, you are talking to the wrong people.

6.Don't "close" on people. If you are looking for a lifetime business partner, you don't "close" on him.

7. Don't "close on people". You're not in sales, you're into relationship building.

8. Don't follow-up on people. Have them get back to you if they are interested.

9. You should be so busy making initial contacts, that you don't have time to follow-up.

10. Don't tell people they don't have to work. Do you really want a downline of lazy people?



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